We raise awareness for veteran suicide because if you don`t know, how can you help and they are worth saving, right?.  



Providing Vets with Companion Animals to help cope with PTSD
What are the emotional benefits of having a dog?

Having a dog as a pet can benefit those who suffer from PTSD because dogs:

  • Help bring out feelings of love.
  • Are good companions, fun and help to reduce stress
  • Take orders well when. This can be very comfortable for a service member or Veteran who was used to giving orders in the military
  • A good reason to get out of the house, spend time outdoors, and meet new people. Recovering from PTSD is a process. Evidence-based treatments for PTSD help people do things they have been avoiding because of their PTSD, such as standing close to a stranger or going into a building without scanning it for danger first. Evidence-based treatments can also help people feel better. Dogs can help you deal with some parts of living with PTSD. Vet Pets recognizes the benefit of companion pets and has embarked on a mission to make sure that every Veteran that wants a dog, receives a dog.


jobs for veterans

What services do veterans need?

Veterans need a coordinated effort that provides secure housing, nutritional meals, basic physical health care, substance abuse care and aftercare, mental health counseling, personal development and empowerment. Additionally, Veterans need job assessment, training and placement assistance.

 We strongly believes that all programs to assist homeless veterans must focus on helping them obtain and sustain employment. Veteran Force  Employment Services has a network of employment agencies and Vocational Rehabilitation Organizations that are  instrumental in securing employment for Veterans. The Patriot Project hosts Job Fairs periodically where local businesses are invited to meet with Veterans that are entering or reentering  the job market.


Family support program and assistance

The Patriot Project is the foremost authority relating to Veteran suicide in the country.In the planning stage for the last year, Patriot Angels addresses the collateral damage that families of fallen Patriots will experience. We have counselors that specialize in Veteran related issues as well as provided families with financial assistance and Group Support Meetings.

Patriot Angeles has its own SUICIDE INTERVENTION HOTLINE now in operation nationally.

(888)-842-1088     (24 hours

To apply for assistance/employment send us an email at i[email protected] and attach a copy of your DD214 . If you are in need of food or shelter, call us ASAP at  888-842-1088

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